konform zu standards

Standards Compliance

Following our commitment to industry standards, searchxml provides support for a wide range of emerging industry standards and popular programming languages.

In combination with its service-oriented architecture (SOA) searchxml enables easy Integration in existing infrastructures.

Communication Protocols

  • http/https 1.1
  • Soap 1.0
  • WebDAV


  • W3C XML 1.1
  • W3C Schema 2.0 Data Model
  • W3C Infoset
  • W3C XPATH 2.0
  • W3C XPATH Fulltext
  • W3C XPATH/XQUERY Serialization

Data Presentation

  • W3C XSLT
  • UNICODE 5.0

Programming languages

ToDo MG: C++, javabridge, etc.

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